Are You Maximising the Potential of Your Vacant Property?

Posted on September 21, 2018.




Interest rates are rising again which will put yet more pressure on those struggling to get on the housing ladder.  The fewer people who struggle and aspire to buy their own home, the more this increases the burden on those trying to provide social and affordable housing.

BREXIT is the topic of the moment but with 6 months to go before the official cut off date, no one really knows what will happen to the UK property market, especially in and around Greater London and the commuter belt.  What will happen to the Pound? What will happen to interest rates? Will the value of property plummet? What about employment – how secure are jobs if big companies relocate their offices across to mainland Europe?

In the meantime, life struggles on.

However, for some people, they have already planned a way forward to help them save money for the seemingly unattainable mortgage deposit if they are also having to pay high rents for their living accommodation.

Property guardianship is a perfect opportunity to save money if you fit the criteria, i.e. are a working professional, have no children and are relatively flexible, and for some it can turn into a life-changing solution. For property owners and landlords, their vacant buildings are secured from squatters, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour during a sale, refurbishment or redevelopment process which can sometimes take years.

As we say, it’s all about protect smart and peace of mind since the guardian company looks after and maintains the property for the owners while their guardians are in situ. For guardians, they can find themselves paying half or even less of the equivalent of rent in the surrounding location, as a licence fee to live in and look after the property, often with utility and other bills included. Instantly, their savings accounts can look much more healthy and they can plan for the future. It might not necessarily be for a new home deposit; maybe they want to go travelling, fund a hobby or realise some other cherished ambition. It matters not. Their life can be changed by being a property guardian with us and the positive social benefits reflect on both the property owners as well as the guardians.

Get in touch if you want to know more. We already look after many properties for local authorities, housing associations and the NHS.

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