5 Reasons To Be A Property Guardian!

Posted on September 29, 2016.

Tenants in London are facing an incredibly tough time in 2016. Currently, the demand for rental properties in the capital far outstrips the supply as the housing market truly favours the London landlord. Renters are often forced to pay over the odds or settle for small accommodation in order to secure a roof over their heads. Although the political uncertainty surrounding Brexit may change the situation somewhat in the coming months, it is unlikely to create an immediate shift in the capital’s rental climate.
















Are You Struggling To Find Rental Accommodation In London?

If so, then you might be interested in property guardianship. This concept puts property guardians in charge of vacant buildings that need looking after. The guardian lives there for a minimal licence fee and keeps the building secure through occupancy. Here are some reasons why it’s an alternative that is worth pursuing.



London is frequently ranked as being one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. Recent statistics from the English Housing Survey show that London tenants are spending up to 72% of their pay packets in order to reside in the capital. However, property guardians are able to save a large proportion of their take-home pay. In fact, if you sign up as a property guardian then you could expect to save around 60% (less licence fee) of the cost of private rental accommodation. This would put you in a position to save for a deposit on a future property purchase, or perhaps fund some overseas travel.


Live Somewhere Different

It is undeniable that London is home to some beautiful styles of architecture. Whether you’re interested in a period Georgian property or modern riverside living, then the capital has something to offer everyone. However, why not use the opportunity of being based in this fun and vibrant city to live somewhere unusual. If you sign up to become a property guardian, then you might be offered vacancies in buildings such as a fire station, school, stately home, hospital or even a library. Many properties that require a guardian are based in Central London areas that would normally be too expensive for the average private renter. It is also typical for guardians to protect a living space that is over ten times larger than if they were renting privately.


Give Something Back

Property guardians are able to contribute positively towards society in a number of ways. By occupying vacant properties, some of which are heritage buildings, you could be protecting them from criminal damage or squatters. Guardians are also well placed and indeed encouraged to become active within their local community by volunteering with charities such as Age UK.


Enjoy An Active Social Life

If you sign up to become a property guardian, then it is a given that your social life will be enhanced. You will have the opportunity to meet and socialise with many other guardians who will all have been pre-vetted and will be working professionals like yourself. Each building has a Head Guardian who will be your point of contact and a great way to connect with others.



Unlike private rental agreements, one of the draws of property guardianship is the level of flexibility that it provides. A typical licence agreement with a reputable company such as Global Guardians has a 4-week duration which allows guardians to switch properties regularly if they wish and base themselves in various areas all over this exciting city.


If you would like the opportunity to live affordably in London whilst increasing your social circle and making a positive contribution to the capital’s society, then apply to become a property guardian today!    

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