5 Tips For Making Your Property More Secure

Posted on October 27, 2015.

Crime levels are constantly on the rise and as people’s homes become worth more with the boom in technology and electronics, it is vital that your property is secure. Here at Global Guardians we understand the need to protect your home from burglaries or vandalism which is why our property guardians are at hand to tend your vacant property. Here are our top tips… securehome1 Keep on top of the gardening Large or thick trees or bushes close to the house provide the perfect coverage or hiding places for burglars and vandals. Think wisely before placing any new plants or scrubs in your garden. Maintain your garden regularly to stop shrubs overgrowing and keep things tidy. Having a well looked after garden is a sign of an inhabited home. Place valuables away from the window Although you may have the perfect idea of how to arrange a room, having valuables clearly on show from the window makes your home an easy target. Advertising the view of your latest flatscreen TV or jewellery cabinet invites crime. Where possible arrange a room with the view from outside in mind too. It is also sensible to not place keys close to a window or door. Many burglars get hold of house, garage or car keys by reaching through the letter box or cat flap. securehome2 Install a security system Security systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst property owners. There are a number of different options available too to fit your budget or needs. Installing CCTV cameras is perhaps the most extreme measure but alarm systems can be equally effective. Lighting up your home is another good way to deter burglars or vandals. Sensor lighting or lighting on a timer can instantly put attention on any wrongdoing. Invest in proper locks at the front and back Most people neglect security at the back of their property which makes it the easiest place for someone to break in to (and escape by). Don’t neglect the locks throughout your home, on doors and windows. When you move into a property invest in proper locks and change the keys from the previous owners for added security. Fit sturdy and solid metal or wooden outside doors Just like you wouldn’t not have a lock on your front door, outside doors need to be secure too. Make sure that all gates, fences or outside doors are made from sturdy metal or solid wood. If you’ve been meaning to replace that broken gate then there is never a better reason than to protect your home. This can stop a burglar or vandal in their tracks before they even begin. If you have a vacant or empty property we can help. At Global Guardians we safeguard properties from any unwelcome visitors or activity. Contact us to find out more about our guardians and how we can help you. Have a read through the rest of our blog for more property tips and advice.

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