Global Guardians advises how to protect vacant commercial property during the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted on April 6, 2020.

The UK’s leading provider of vacant property solutions, Global Guardians, is working hard to ensure vacant properties are protected during these difficult times. With our many years of experience dealing with every type of vacant property from derelict churches to disused offices to defunct care homes and even Severndroog Castle, Global Guardians is on hand to provide expert advice.


Whilst the country is on lockdown, the last thing on the minds of facility managers and property owners, is the protection of their vacant commercial properties. 


However, it is of utmost importance in the current climate for facility managers and property owners to ensure their vacant commercial buildings secured.


Global Guardians advises the following methods to protect commercial property that is vacant during the COVID-19 pandemic:


1. Find an occupier


Although it is highly improbable to find a commercial occupier with so many businesses facing economic ruin, there is still the provision of Protection by Occupation, which Global Guardians provides in accordance with British Standard BS8584:2015. This ensures your vacant commercial property is occupied by our trusted and carefully vetted property guardians. 


This is the most cost-effective and intelligent solution on the market.


2. Remove high value goods to a more secure location


By removing any high value goods in the vacant property will reduce the risk of intruders and thieves entering the building. Their incentive lessens if there is no value in illegally entering the premises. Global Guardians can assist you in this as it falls under our remit of the protection of vacant properties and mitigation of intrusion risk.


3. Utilise a security guard solution


If your property is in poor condition, uninhabitable for a property guardian, then we would suggest using a security guard solution. The security guard should hold a valid SIA licence and be screened in accordance with British Standard BS 7858. The cost of this solution can become expensive but it is a very strong deterrent to would-be intruders and thieves. It also offers the ability to respond quickly to attacks on the premises. 


Global Guardians does offer a security guard solution and the use of our unique My Globe online software solution to show you real-time issues affecting the property with video and photo updates. 


4. If you have an alarm system and CCTV in place, make sure they are working


This is relatively low-cost in comparison with a security guard solution, but should only be used if the property is not habitable for Protection by Occupation methods, because it is purely a reactive deterrent, and will not prevent intruders and thieves from gaining access with the potential to cause damage or even squat the commercial premises. 


5. Use a key holding solution


This works as a low-cost option in conjunction with an alarm system and CCTV and ensures that should an intrusion attempt be detected, a security officer can be called upon to attend site to attempt to deal with the issue. 


Inspections can also form part of this solution, operating in accordance with British Standards BS 7499 and BS 7984. 


Global Guardians can provide a key holding solution, in conjunction with regular site inspections. All of the information discovered at the inspection is uploaded in real-time onto our unique My Globe online software solution, where you can have access to everything concerning your vacant property. 


Lauren Marshall, our Head of New Business, advises:


‘This will be the first time many facility managers and owners of vacant commercial properties will have to leave their buildings empty for a long period of time. These are uncertain times and it is unknown when the economic conditions will return to see commercial occupiers of these property come into play. Therefore, we strongly urge that you mitigate the amount of potential damage that can be done to the vacant properties in your absence. Global Guardians was founded on our three core values of being Safe Hands for our clients and property guardians, for being Progressive so that we forecast risks and opportunities and for being Inclusive by operating in a holistic manner to meet all of our clients’ needs.


We recommend anyone who has the responsibility of managing vacant commercial properties to contact us today so we can help you implement a cohesive strategy for the long-term protection of your empty building assets.’


If you have a commercial vacant property you are concerned about, please do not hesitate to contact our vacant property experts today on: 020 3818 9100 and we will work 24/7 to ensure the safety of your properties. 



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