How To Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away

Posted on October 27, 2015.

Holidays and business trips are not exclusive to just the summer. With people travelling all year round, temporarily empty homes are becoming the target for thefts. At Global Guardians we find trustworthy guardians to look after vacant properties to avoid vandalism or squatters. Have a look at our tips for ways to keep your home safe when you go away.

Check the locks on windows and doors It may seem basic but it can be easy to ignore loose locks, on windows especially. Prior to your holiday or trip thoroughly check your home to make sure all entrances and exits can be fully secured. Even if you are taking your car away with you, keep your garage door locked at all times. Also, if garden or external gates and shed or greenhouse doors can be locked, secure these too. You may be able to install a timer light switch or motion-sensitive light to deter intruders as well. Refresh your household insurance policy Ensure your insurance policy remains valid during the time you are away. Make sure it provides an adequate level of cover by looking out for any important exclusions. The policy may have a section about absence from the home so check that your belongings are still insured for the full amount of days you are away. Keep valuables and keys out of sight Where possible avoid leaving any valuables on show from windows and doors. If you plan to leave a set of keys, whether to unlock external or internal doors, keep these in a safe place and well hidden. Obvious hiding places for burglars which may seem creative to you are underwear drawers, under mattresses, in the freezer and wrapped up in food packaging. For any truly valuable items you are wary about leaving, consider placing them into a safe if you are away for an extended period of time. Alert a neighbour or friend Let a trusted neighbour or friend know that you will be away and ask them to keep an eye on your property for you. You might want to give them a spare set of keys so that they can organise your post, collect parcels, and water any plants. A large pile of post on your doormat and wilting plants are sure signs of an empty home, but… Cancel regular deliveries If you have milk or eggs delivered to your home on a regular basis then make sure you notify your delivery company to cancel your order throughout the time you are away. Also a stack of daily newspapers can look suspicious. Tidy your home and garden Before you leave, be particularly vigilant with cleaning and tidying your home and garden. Make sure your work surfaces are clear and any food that could go off is removed. Rotten foods could not only alert burglars but certain pests to your home too. Pack away any drying or clean washing and tidy up any unfinished business or work. Mow the lawn and trim back hedges or plants too to avoid your garden looking overgrown and unkempt. For more information about what we offer at Global Guardians have a read through our About Us page. Keeping your vacant property safe is our number one goal. Find out how we can help you today and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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