Protect Vacant Property - 16 Cheap Ways to Protect Vacant Property

Posted on April 8, 2020.

ms facing the owners of vacant properties right now is exponential. Whilst the UK is in lockdown, access to empty buildings for the managers and owners of these properties is severely limited. Even in the best of times, it is a challenge to manage the threats to empty buildings. 


It’s common for theft and vandalism to happen. We are talking about stolen air conditioning units, copper pipework, window units, broken windows, graffiti, arson attacks, as well as general disrepair to the property through leaks, mould and boiler breakdowns.


Global Guardians would advise the following to managers and owners of vacant properties for an immediate solution: 


  • Keep the doors to your empty building closed and locked at all times. Use secure locking mechanisms and bolts where appropriate for extra protection.
  • Keep the windows shut and blinds closed. This prevents would-be criminals from having easy access to look into what is available for them in your empty building. 
  • Redirect post at your vacant property. This will stop a build-up of letters that won’t be collected for some time, which alerts would-be criminals to vacant properties.
  • Don’t advertise the property For Sale unless you have contractors on site on a regular basis. Otherwise, would-be criminals will see your vacant property as unattended and easy to break into. 
  • Monitor the news for reports of burglaries in the local area to help you decide how to handle your vacant property risk. 
  • Befriend the local residents in neighbouring properties as they will be able to help manage the state of your empty premises.
  • Verify the insurance you have for the unoccupied property. This will make it less stressful when dealing with any unoccupied property insurance claims that occur.
  • Use light timers for nighttime and hours of darkness.
  • Give permission for your neighbours to park in your driveway.
  • Put up Beware of the Dog signs.
  • Put up Security Signs.
  • Winter-ise your external pipes. This will prevent pipe leaks that can be extremely costly to resolve. 
  • Keep the grounds maintained.
  • Cut back any shrubbery blocking doors and / or windows. 
  • Run the water on a regular basis to prevent drainage issues and legionella build up. 
  • By following these simple tips you will have greater peace of mind because your property is less like to attract unwanted attention. 


These are tips for owners of vacant properties but they are nowhere near as effective as Protection by Occupation BS8584:2015 from Global Guardians.


Our property guardians ensure:


  • The doors to your property are kept closed and locked at all times;
  • The windows are shut and the blinds are closed at all times;
  • Post is collected and delivered to the correct person;
  • For Sale signs can be erected because the property guardians are managing your vacant property;
  • The news is monitored for burgularies in the local area;
  • The local neighbourhood know who they are and why they are protecting your empty building;
  • Your insurance premiums decrease because the property is occupied;
  • The lights are used throughout the dark hours to show presence;
  • They park their vehicles in the driveway or parking areas of your vacant property;
  • Keep our Global Guardians vacant property security signs fresh on your empty building;
  • Cut back any shrubbery over doors and windows and ensure the grass is cut and grounds are maintained;
  • Utilise the water, gas and electric, to ensure there are no drainage, heating, hot water and electrical problems when your vacant property becomes repurposed. 


In summary, we would suggest that the best method of protecting vacant property is to use Global Guardians’ Protection by Occupation BS8584:2015.


Contact us today and speak with one of our helpful security advisors to assist you making the right choice for your vacant property security: 020 3818 9100 and select option 3. 





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