Protecting Your Vacant Property During Christmas

Posted on December 17, 2019.

If you combine a vacant property with the cold festive month, you may just create a recipe for disaster.

While all properties require maintenance, vacant properties require a slightly different approach in order to avoid expensive issues. Read on to discover how to protect your property at Christmas and hold on tight to the festive cheer.


The top 3 security risks for a vacant property at Christmas


From squatters and burglaries to broken pipes and floods, there are many reasons to protect your vacant property over Christmas. Before we dig in, it’s important to understand just how detrimental these issues can be.


1. Squatters

Squatters are likely to reside in a vacant property when the entrance points are easy to access. These squatters will illegally live in your property and may prove to be dangerous if approached. Dealing with squatters will typically involve an expensive legal case and many costly property repairs.


2. Burglaries

To burglars, your vacant property is a goldmine; if there’s no one around to catch them in the act, they’ll feel more inclined to test their luck!


3. Burst pipes
During the cold winter months, burst pipes become second nature to vacant properties. One burst pipe can lead to serious water damage, affecting the structure of the building and the furnishings inside.


How to protect your vacant property during Christmas


With these three main issues being very costly to amend, it’s best to take the right measures to protect your vacant property and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Use the next four points as your very own empty property security checklist, especially over Christmas:


1. Improve your security system

One of the most obvious ways to secure your empty property over Christmas is by improving your security systems. From ensuring all doors are locked to installing CCTV, there are many tweaks you can make to ensure your property is protected.


It is highly recommended to install motion sensor lights and CCTV cameras around your vacant property - intruders will be put off!


2. Protect the pipes

Unfortunately, the colder months result in far more maintenance issues than the warmer months. One of the most common is burst pipes, which occur when the pressure from a frozen pipe becomes too much.


Frozen pipes typically occur when a property hasn’t had a warm airflow for quite some time, so to prevent this from happening, it’s best to keep the heating running for a few hours each day.


3. Keep valuables hidden

While Christmas is a time for many of us to relax and unwind, burglars have a different idea. Some people use their vacant properties to store old furniture, valuables and even Christmas presents, to keep them away from prying eyes before they are wrapped up!


To avoid ruining Christmas Day, store your presents in hidden locations that can’t be seen through windows. And, if your property is going to be vacant for quite some time, it’s best to keep these presents in a completely different location altogether.

4. Benefit from live-in guardians

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to the security of your vacant property, but luckily, there’s an easy solution that eliminates all of these worries.


The Property Guardian scheme involves allowing live-in guardians to reside in your vacant property, protecting it during the vulnerable winter months. These guardians will treat your property as though it’s their own, preventing any of the above issues from occurring.


Don’t stress this Christmas - trust a guardian instead


As you can see, Christmas proves to be a very vulnerable time of the year for your vacant property.


The only stress which you should encounter at Christmas is deciding on what gifts to buy, so why not consider our property guardianship scheme and put all other worries to one side?


Live-in guardians prevent intruders from breaking in and will keep on top of any maintenance troubles, leaving you to relax and enjoy the festive period. Get in touch with us today for more information and the costs involved in protecting your property.


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