Key Payment Returns

Global Guardians receive a key payment from our property guardians at the start of the licence agreement for protection of the living space.

At the end of our contract with our property guardians, we return the key payment to the property guardian providing the following stipulations are met:

  • The living space is fully vacated by the guardian;
  • The living space is clear of all items brought into the area by the property guardian or by anyone authorised by the property guardian;
  • If the property has communally shared areas, then all of these areas must also be cleared of all items brought into the area by the property guardians, who are jointly responsible for ensuring clearance;
  • The key(s) used by the property guardian to access the living space is returned to a Global Guardians representative;
  • No damage is caused and no constructed alterations are made to the living space or communally shared areas in the property.

As part of our commitment to the owner of the vacant property, Global Guardians inspects the vacated living space at the end of the licence agreement.

Our inspection and quality officers check the following within two weeks of the property guardians vacating the living space:

  • Condition of the living space and property:
  • Whether or not the living space and property has been fully vacated, with all items removed by the property guardian;
  • The key(s) returned by the property guardians works in the lock(s) to the living space and property.

Provided these conditions are met, our Finance Department is notified and we process the return of the key payment to the property guardian.

Deposit Return Request

Our Finance Department checks the following in order to return the key payment to the property guardian:

  • Has the property guardian paid their licence fees and key payment in full;
  • Has the property guardian caused damage or left items behind in the property, where this needs to be charged to the property guardian’s account;
  • Has the property guardian returned all keys to the living space and property that were in their possession.

Providing the above conditions are met, the key payment is returned to the property guardian in full.

Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is to return the Key Payment to every guardian who fulfils the above conditions within two weeks upon receipt of the key(s) from the property guardian.

Should any of the above conditions not be met, then Global Guardians will apply charges as appropriate on the property guardian’s account.

For any clarification on the above or to find out if you are due a Key Payment Return please contact or raise a ‘Finance Query’ ticket on your My Globe account or contact our office on 020 3818 9100.

Please note that we are committed to hitting our KPI for Key Payment Returns on time, so please do contact Global Guardians if you experiencing any delay in this matter.

Payment Return Request Form

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