Water Safety for Vacant Properties

Water Safety

Global Guardians offers a bespoke vacant property safety plan to ensure that our property guardians are safe at all times they are protecting an empty building. Health and Safety is part of our core service and water safety management is crucial to our success.

Before placing a single property guardian into a vacant property to secure it we ensure that the water supply is safe for the property. If there is a water safety report for the building this is initially viewed by our Health and Safety Management Team and is then made known to our DLO and approved contractors who may need to carry out works in the building.

Water tanks are generally drained down and replaced with mains fed water systems. Hot water is usually provided via electric water heaters in bathrooms and kitchens and also via electric showers in shower rooms.

Oil filled radiators are generally used in buildings where water is not provided in the built-in radiator systems.

This is done in order to control the integrity of the water systems providing water throughout the property for the safety of our property guardians.

Our Health and Safety Management Team ensures that all affected parties are made aware of any issues with regards to the water and that these issues are resolved before property guardians move into the property.

No drinking water signs are installed over sinks where water is not safe. Water outlets are safely disconnected if they pose a risk to a person's safety.

Risk controls are implemented by Global Guardians before property guardians protect the empty building, and these are monitored whilst property guardians are in situ.

Global Guardians will not place property guardians to secure a vacant building unless there is safe hot and cold water and adequate heating.

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