Why choose us?

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Why choose us?

We could tell you that we are the biggest Property Guardianship company in the UK, but that’s not all we are about.

We are the brand you can trust. Here’s why…

Why choose us?

Visibility & Transparency

  • Our competitive pricing: We offer transparent pricing that is up to 60% less than standard private rental prices.
  • Our clear advertising: All of our property adverts include specific details about each property which reflects a true picture of what the space is like.
  • We hold a Trust Pilot business account which means all prospective customers can see legitimate reviews from our customers.


  • Our teamwork approach: We always try to reach the best solution for our customers as we have a team of dedicated people working together on all projects and problems.
  • We have a diverse workforce and champion equality and diversity.
  • We seek regular customer feedback, ensuring our customers’ voices are heard.
  • We give back to local communities through community works and fundraising.


  • We are consistently developing new products and services.
  • We have innovated some of the industry’s most well-known services such as Caretakers, digital property management system and the prioritisation of Key Workers.
  • We were integral in the creation of the British Standard for Vacant Property Protection (BS8584:2015).

Safety & Security

  • We adhere to all Statutory and Regulatory requirements.
  • We are the most highly accredited organisation in our sector, with several accreditations specifically for Health and Safety management.
  • We have a 100% success rate at preventing squatting in the properties we manage.

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