Guardian FAQs

These are a list of all frequently asked questions from property guardians. However, if you cannot find the answer you require please contact us and we will be happy to assist.
Call us on: 020 3818 9100 and our Guardian Services Team will be happy to help you.

A. A working professional who occupies a vacant property under a non-exclusive licence agreement to prevent squatting, antisocial behaviour and metal theft.
A. A person who is over 21 years old, in full time employment and able to provide two character references (one from your employer, or client if self-employed and one from your existing landlord), 3 months' bank statements, and proof of address and photo ID, are eligible to apply to become a property guardian.
A. If you have the supporting documentation, please register on My Globe and request a viewing of a property. We will then contact you to arrange a suitability screening at a property to ensure you understand what it is to be a property guardian and you accept the terms of the licence agreement for the property. If all criteria are met then you will become a property guardian of the shared living space of the building.
A. Your duties are to protect and preserve the property you are occupying. You will do this by residing at the property on a full-time basis, reporting any threats and/or risks to the property from vandals, trespassers and squatters and reporting any issues (e.g. leaks, broken windows) which may adversely affect the structural integrity and infrastructure of our client's property. We do not expect you to act as a security guard and nor does the role confer upon you any additional powers of arrest above that of any other citizen, but your ultimate position in the property is to keep it secure from all threats.
A. Licence fees vary depending on location, condition of the property and size of rooms, (by way of example, a 600sq ft space in an E1 postcode in London could cost around £90.00 per week, whereas a small room in an N1 postcode in London could cost around £60.00 per week). On average, licence fees are around 40-50% below the level payable for a traditional rental agreement.

A. You will be required to pay a key payment deposit (price depends on the value of the property living space).

On some occasions you will be expected to pay utility bills and / or council tax. If your living space is in a non-domestic property, then you will be expected to use the utilities within a fair usage policy. Should the costs go above the fair usage policy, then you will be expected to pay a contribution towards the costs.

The specific arrangements of the living space costs will be made known to you prior to you signing a licence agreement for the living space.

A. We protect our clients' properties for varying lengths of time; however, on average it is for a period of 6-8 months. We will always endeavour to offer our guardians alternative living space once a property is due to be handed back. We can only guarantee 28 days' stay in any property due to the nature of the licence agreement you sign.
A. No, but you are welcome to bring your own furniture into the property. Global Guardians can provide you with basic furniture, at a small cost, to enable you to begin protecting the property immediately.
A. Usually yes, but each property is different. Written permission is required.
A. Yes. All properties have hot and cold water in the kitchens and bathrooms. Electricity is provided throughout the building. Heating is provided either through a boiler system or oil filled radiators. In the event of an electricity or hot / cold water failure, by contacting us directly via My Globe we will be able to assist to ensure that this inconvenience is dealt with appropriately. We take property guardian requests seriously and we are audited on our response rate to you.
A. No. Due to the temporary nature of their use by guardians, the properties do not have Wi-Fi. Requests will be considered for guardians to install a landline/broadband at their own cost.
A. Yes, provided each of you enter into a Licence Agreement with Global Guardians. The price is based upon the one living space and does not depend upon there being two people sharing that living space. We do not charge extra for couples.
A. You will be provided with a full set of rules and regulations which cover health and safety issues and consideration for fellow guardians that you will be expected to adhere to. These form part of your Licence Agreement and are also on display in the shared living space.
A. You will need to give 28 days' notice. This can be done through My Globe by clicking a button or alternatively through email to your dedicated Guardian Officer.
A. On certain properties you will be expected to register to pay for Council Tax and / or Utility Bills. This will be made known to you by our Guardian Customer Relations team.

If you have been asked to register for Council Tax and / or Utility Bills, you will need to do so within 48 hours of collecting keys for the property.