Corona Virus News and Updates

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected everyone. From those who are self-isolating and doing their part to lessen the spread of the virus to those key workers who are still bravely going to work in order to keep the country running. Life, as we all know it, has changed quite a bit.

We want to be here to support all of our guardians and clients but also to provide a place for information and, dare we say it, fun during these bleaker times. Over the coming months we will be posting all sorts of interesting content and updates to our news page to keep you informed and entertained.

To begin with, here is some important stuff.

Government Guidance Reminder

We ask that anyone who visits this page re-familiarises themselves with this advice as it is so easy to forget. You can do this by visiting the website.

What the Security Industry is saying.

Ian Todd, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority, has published the following statement regarding regulated security professionals and their status as key workers:

"I am able to confirm that the current definition of key worker DOES include regulated (licence holding) security professionals, essential to national infrastructure, operating in critical roles."

This means that, as a property guardianship provider, Global Guardians has freedom of movement to continue to provide key security services.

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