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My Globe is an innovative secure web portal which synergises all aspects of the Global Guardians organisation to cover all stakeholders.

Working professionals register to become property guardians via My Globe and attend viewings of suitable properties they are interested in protecting. Our Guardian Officers assign them to the living space via My Globe and they are then vetted through this system. Once they are accepted as a property guardian they are able to raise maintenance tickets, keep track of monthly payments, request viewings and have access to their documentation and our own library of resources on their user account with My Globe. This allows them to have everything in one place for their property guardianship. As we continue to develop the system, property guardians will have more and more functions added to help them protect their property.

Owners of vacant properties are able to centralise their portfolio via the My Globe system. This allows them to see very quickly each of the properties under our management and protection and see monthly reports as soon as they are complete. It is a live system so all statutory compliance documentation is uploaded upon completion and is available immediately. Access is available to see all maintenance works raised as well as all costs incurred, all savings made and any income generated. It is a powerful system which we continue to develop to make it even more useful to both small companies and large organisations when rationalising their portfolios. Numerous clients have had input into the development of the system and continue to do so to benefit all owners of vacant property who use our services. It saves time and money for our clients and provides bespoke reporting on numerous aspects of a property portfolio which is essential for board level decision-making.

Every member of our team utilises My Globe which is a centralised system split into departments for focused work. All documentation and reporting is used on the system so it is easy to retrieve information uploaded five minutes previously or 5 years previously. This allows Global Guardians to scale up and take on any type of project no matter how large. New staff members find it easy to settle in because the roles are clearly defined and are supported by our My Globe system.

My Globe is a completely bespoke system built by Global Guardians using many years of experience in the property guardian industry.