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Global Guardians is the most cost effective and hassle-free way to protect your building as a property owner. You could save up to 100% compared to traditional static 24 hour security guards and up to 100% compared to boarding up, which simply alerts the public to the fact that the building is unoccupied. By having our guardians living in your property and hence making it occupied, your insurance premiums will be considerably less than for a vacant property. On top of this, your property is legally protected against squatters and will not depreciate in value by being left to stand derelict for a long period of time.

Virtually any building is suitable, provided it is watertight and has a supply of electricity and cold water. We can fit temporary bathroom and kitchen facilities, which can be removed prior to the building being handed back to you.

No, the primary use of the building remains the same. The fact that it is temporarily not being used as such is not relevant.

Yes, as Global Guardians provide a service to protect vacant property. However, we do have a solution to greatly reduce empty building rates if you use our Guardian Solution.

No. Our legal structure ensures guardians do not acquire any Tenancy rights. We enjoy an on-going relationship with our guardians, almost all of whom we relocate to other properties once a property is handed back.

No, it is based on the size of the property, not the number of guardians.

We carry out regular (surprise) inspections to ensure your property is being well maintained and the guardians are complying with the various rules and regulations. We will also send you a report setting out the findings of our inspections.

Your property can be returned to you with four week’s notice, in a secure, clean and tidy condition. This is the minimum notice that can be given to terminate a Licence Agreement.

Global Guardians ensures that council tax is paid as appropriate.

Yes, our guardians enter into a non-exclusive weekly Licence Agreement, which allows access to you and Global Guardians at all times. However, we do require 24 hours notice for third party access.

The short answer is no, guardians are not tenants. Guardians are license holders who agree to secure the building they are living in on behalf on Global Guardians and the property owner. A tenancy can be defined as having possession of land or a property for a period of time agreed by a landlord (AST), however a guardian’s license is a weekly rolling agreement to secure the building and includes a 4 week notice period for the property owner to gain full access to the building again.

In addition, GGM have full access to all rooms and areas in the building which is another clause in the license agreement, differencing from a tenancy which will not give these rights to the management of the building.

As previous discussed, a GGM license is the agreement to secure the building as a result of having a reduced monthly cost for accommodation (up to 60% less than the market rate). A guardian does not have full rights to the building, and GGM have access to every available space in the building. This is a weekly rolling license, and includes a 4 week notice agreement.

A tenancy is the sole possession of the building for an period of time (usually 12 months – Assured Shorthold Tenancy) agreed by the tenant and the landlord. The tenant has full rights to the space available and the management does not have access to this. A tenancy will also have rights to their deposit and be given notice of eviction.

Global Guardians Management can protect any type of building, commercial or residential. Upon the initial inspection, the account handlers will identify the best way of protecting the building and what maintenance will need doing in order to best achieve this. We have partitioned various spaces, and built in kitchens and wash facilities in many of our buildings to ensure the spaces are habitable for our guardians.

Buildings on our portfolio include: Commercial, Residential, Flats, Care Homes, Pubs, Restaurants, Flats, Clinics and various other buildings.

Global Guardians has an in-house maintenance team who provide the initial work to ensure the building is habitable for the guardian solution. In regards to ongoing work, this can be initiated by our in house team continuously or if the property owner has their own team, we are happy to agree to this.

Depending on the size and build of the property, upon the initial inspection, we are able to identify how many guardians we can place in your building to ensure it’s as safe and secure as possible. We currently have spaces which have just one guardian in, such as some flats in comparison to a large building we manage, for example one of our buildings which consists of 50, including a head guardian who helps manage the guardians and reports any issues to us in-house.

Guardians will not be on site 24/7 however, under the license agreement they will abide to be in the property at certain times per week. A good way to look at this is thinking of a general home, where the property is not filled at all times. The guardians are living in the available space and are paying for the right to secure the building.

If there is are any circumstances where the guardians will not leave the property upon notice, legal action can be taken. Under the 4 week licence agreement which the guardians have agreed to terms too, they have signed to secure the building on a temporary basis and  must abide by the terms of the documentation.

All of our Guardians are professional, full time employed individuals who are vetted by our in-house Vetting Department. All documentation (passport, bank statements, references from current landlord and employers) must be vetted and approved prior to moving into one of our available spaces. This is managed efficiently to ensure that the properties which we manage are being secured by the right people.

Global Guardians has an in-house maintenance team who ensure that the property is safe and habitable to live in. If there is any health and safety risks, our teams will ensure these areas of the building are locked off to ensure there is no damage. We will assign a Head Guardian into your property to ensure that all of the rules and regulations which we implement into the building, such as no parties and no gatherings are being abided by. Any issues will be reported to the head guardian and then back to the Global Team. If any rules and regulations are broken, Global Guardians has the right to remove any licensee from the building and all damage will be dealt with accordingly.

Global Guardians has an in-house Health and Safety and Fire Risk Assessment team who ensure the property is adheres to all health and safety regulations and is habitable to live in. As a company, we are responsible for  our guardians welfare and the property which we are managing.

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