Meet Our Property Guardians | Global Guardians
Laura – head Guardian

Laura has been a Head Guardian for Global Guardians for several years protecting vacant commercial buildings in West London. She works in media for a high end digital media company. She is a very keen photographer. By living as a property guardian she has been able to secure empty buildings across West London, living in places such as a former mental health unit amongst other quirky properties. She sets up cleaning rotas to ensure the buildings in which she protects are always clean and tidy. She also helps to ensure that her fellow guardians understand the rules and regulations of being a property guardian and that they are always vigilant, especially in buildings that were once the target of squatters.

Lilly – Head Guardian

Lilly has been a Head Guardian for Global Guardians for a couple of years protecting empty properties in South East London. She is a professional artist with great talent for painting. By living as a property guardian she has been able to live in interesting locations for a fracture of the price of alternative living space. She managed to prevent several break-in attempts with the assistance of fellow guardians, she is always available to provide access for our clients and is very helpful to all her fellow guardians and local residents in the neighbourhood.


Chris has been an excellent Head Guardian for Global Guardians for nearly three years now. He is tasked with securing a large former supported housing building in West London with 25 other property guardians in situ due to the sheer size of the site. It had been squatted prior to our occupation. Since then Chris has been keeping a very keen eye on the property to ensure it stays under our sound management.

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