Living space of the month - September 2017 - Global Guardians
Living space of the month – September 2017

After looking over some great entries for this months living space of the month – we have chosen our winner.

A big congratulations to our guardian DAISY WILSON – occupying our property in Charlton – Fred Styles House

If you’re a new guardian with us or are unsure about what this exactly is then take a look below.

  1. Every month guardians will send us images of their living space and how they’ve transformed it into their own unique area using creativity, innovation and imagination.
  2. After viewing these creative entries and comparing them to how the property was when it was taken on, we will then choose a winner for that month.
  3. We will let the guardian know that they have won living space of the month and will award them with a £50 gift voucher to a range of stores.

Daisy has transformed her empty flat into a cosy living space using her creative flare. We have loved having Daisy as a guardian with us here at Global Guardians and are very happy to be awarding her a £50 voucher to treat herself.

Daisy wrote:

“I have absolutely loved living with global guardians. It’s enabled me to live on my own and decorate my flat the way I want to and be able to afford it. The funny thing is that when you want something it will happen but you have to take the leap of faith. When I first saw the flat I thought wow the view on the garden and the church is amazing, I want it. But I don’t have any furniture… And no money… But I took it anyway. In the weeks leading up to moving in, I found all the furniture that I needed and more! I even found a small tree on the side of the road that I potted but it sadly died a few weeks later. Anyway my experience on this flat has been wonderful and I will always remember it as it has been MY first own space and I love it every day a little more. The fact that it is transient and will be destroyed at some point reminds me that everything in life is transient so we should enjoy them that little bit more every day and not hold on for dear life”


Please see a comparison image below of how Daisy has completely transformed her living space.


Guardianship is a great way to secure a living space and revamp it into your own creative base whilst also saving money. Doesn’t sound too bad right?.

If you are a guardian with us and are looking to enter this competition to show off your space then please send your living space to

Not a guardian but fancy becoming one?. Get in touch on 0203 818 9100 or register an account with us on

Whilst Global commend you for creating a vastly improved living space, you are reminded that you occupy on a 28 day non exclusive licence.  Therefore any time or money you may spend improving the property will only benefit you for the period of actual occupation which  always remains uncertain and may be terminated on 28 days notice at the sole discretion of Global.

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