Guardian of the month winner - October 2017 - Global Guardians
Guardian of the month winner – October 2017

We are very lucky to have such great guardians securing our properties at Global Guardians.

After a lot of nominations we have chosen our guardian of the month to be rewarded a £50 gift voucher.

We would like to congratulate our OCTOBER 2017 GUARDIAN OF THE MONTH WINNER – Dimitri Nikolakos


Dimitri has been awarded for the guardian of the month award because of his brilliant skills and enthusiasm as a head guardian. Not only does he make all of the guardians at our property ‘Manor Gate’ feel welcome but he always keeps the property tidy and clean. Recently Dimitri had arranged for work to be done with a range of other guardians who volunteered to assist with the overgrown hedges and weeds at the front of the building. Before our global team even got a chance to head down to sort out this gardening these helpful guardians had already cleared this away.

We would like to also thank Charlie, Nehow , May, Walter, Emmanuel who gave up 5 hours of their day on Sunday to upkeep the property.

Please read Dimitri’s responsive when we asked him about his time being a guardian.

I am humbled by the award and look forward to sharing the prize with the other guardians .

(Maybe cake and snaks evening)Thank you , 

Generally the willingness of the gaurdians to volunteer their free time to improve our living space just goes to show its nicer to give than receive at times .However the satisfaction of accomplishment has great value in its self . Improving social awareness and respect for property and each other. 

On behalf of every one at Manor Gate thank you for the opportunity of being part of the Global Gaurdians .

Please see attached some images of these guardians hard work.

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It isn’t only about affordable living, it’s about the relationships built and memories made. We are very pleased to have a guardian like Dimitri and the others on board with us at global as well as all of our other guardians who work so hard within their living space to keep it tidy,clean and creative whilst also building a fantastic daily community.

If you would like to be our ‘November’s guardian of the month’ or nominate a guardian who you believe should be rewarded then please send this over to or give us a call at 0203 818 9100.

Good luck!

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