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Thanks for your kind words – as you know, I worked for the Olympic Games and then the Paralympics, which as a disabled person meant a lot to me.

You guys made that possible with this accommodation being accessible and being near Olympic Park, so thank you.

I will leave on 15th September after some of the best few weeks of my life.

Property guardian in a former office building in Bow, East London

I used Global Guardians to secure a sensitive property in the Fulham area a few months ago. The site had been beset with problems; including vandalism and illegal occupation.

Global Guardians were extremely supportive, speedy and “hands on” in their approach to assisting me secure the building. Unlike many of their rivals, they offer a bespoke solution to property protection as opposed to generic, corporate methods. I cannot recommend this organisation too highly and would be delighted to work with them again in the future.

Property Director of Local Authority

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all at Global Guardians for the excellent service that you have provided to the Local Authority during my time here.

When we first began using the guardian solution to our vacant building issue we had no idea what the industry was about, needless to say we soon caught up with industry standards. This was in no small part due to your assistance. Working alongside you I believe that together we have changed the way in which guardian companies offer their services, for the better.

Facilities Manager of Local Authority

Global Guardians provided a no fuss, no fees, end-to-end service that was exemplary. All of the guardians had links to the local area and provided full security not only to their own building, but also the industrial park that it was part of within a very complicated site. On top of this the grounds were well maintained and the reporting was regular and comprehensive, with the site returned to us clean, clear and on time. We would unreservedly recommend Global Guardians and look forward to working with them in the future.

Director of Property Investment Fund

To date we have used Global Guardians on two of our vacant sites in central London, they have not only provided an excellent service, but have done so in a friendly and professional manner. The team at Global Guardians are always prepared to help out and provide assistance when requested, but ultimately, they have saved us money, kept our properties secure and given us piece of mind.

Associate Director of Property Development Company

Every day, as a guardian, in a Global Guardian property, I feel grateful for my personal living space here in Tottenham. It is warm, comfortable, and spacious; all at a very affordable fee.

As Head Guardian, with essential extra responsibilities, I am enabled to help all the guardians here to enjoy a higher standard of living in all communal areas by encouraging  guardians to create clean, tidy, safe and welcoming spaces.

This is partly brought about by putting in place effective systems for the smooth running of the building, such ascleaning Rotas and monitoring systems.

Weekly Reports to the Management mean thatMaintenance issues are dealt with as they arise, which ensures that essential services are kept in good order. Any other arising problems are reported too and dealt with by global Guardian Management Team.

Some other  property Management companies do not have Head Guardians which results in a less efficient way of reporting arising problems, resulting in a less satisfactory  standard of living.

The guardians living here treat the communal spaces, and each other respectfully, enjoy their private living spaces and regard this building as their temporary home. Most are very happy with the facilities and with the smooth running of the building.

I can thank  Global Guardians for making it possible for me and thousands of others to be accommodated in London in a clean, tidy, safe and comfortable environment.

Head Guardian

I just wanted to write to thank you for all the properties you’ve shown and put me in since I lived under your agency for almost two years in Brixton.

Global have always been reasonable and you’ve been especially helpfully as first point of contact.

Former Guardian

I’m a bit sad that my time as a Global Guardian is coming to an end…circumstances require that I move on. I have lived as a guardian for two years in two very different properties in South East London and I have been very happy with both the quality of the accommodation and the service from the Global management team. Any problems (minor plumbing and electrical issues mostly) have been dealt with promptly. I have never had any issues with others who shared the properties…quite the opposite in fact. We never had problems allocating tasks like cleaning and tidying communal areas, and guardians have been respectful of each others’ privacy and taken security seriously…after all that’s what we’re there for!

I would like to point out that there are other agencies who sometimes exaggerate the quality of their managed properties, or who seem to cram as many people as possible into them. Global don’t do this. I think I can honestly say that in the past two years I have never had to queue for a hot shower!

Above all the accommodation always felt like home despite its temporary nature. Spacious, secure, safe, warm and dry.

Thank you Global!

Property Guardian in Former Flats located in Woolwich

We have enlisted the services of Global Guardians to secure and manage our void property stock for many years now; they have saved my organisation a great deal in security costs. The Guardians occupy a diverse range of properties within our portfolio while offering a flexible approach for each in isolation. I have recommended Global Guardians’ services to many others in the profession and will continue to do so

Development Manager for Private Development Organisation

I have received a high level of service from Global Guardians in relation to the property they manage for me in Brighton. I have another property in the pipeline which I will offer to Global to secure for me. I have been very happy with their professionalism and dedication to the protection of my property.

Director of Private Developer

I moved out fully on Sunday and returned earlier to tidy it up a bit and return my keys to the Head Guardian.
Thank you to you and Global Guardians for the past three and a half years. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Tottenham and with Global and will be sure to recommend Global Guardians to others.
I will say that my Head Guardian is a real credit to your organisation and really looks after every guardian like family. I will miss her and the other guardians greatly. A final thank you to you for your help last year in regards to my problems with my neighbouring guardian at the time. I will not hesitate to consider Global Guardians in the future.

Former Guardian
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