Welcome to Global Guardians

Secure Your Vacant Properties in London With Live In Property Guardians

Welcome to Global Guardians – the most cost effective way to secure your vacant property from unauthorised entry, vandalism and squatters.

We can supply a property guardian for London premises that are empty, safeguarding them from unwelcome visitors and ensuring your property is treated with the utmost respect at all times. Our live-in guardians are carefully vetted and are currently employed or mature/post-graduate students – ensuring our property guardians are responsible and trusted individuals who have your property’s best interests at heart.

Any empty property can quickly become a target for vandals or thieves looking for easy-pickings, and with today’s high scrap prices we often hear of homes stripped of copper piping and internal wiring, leaving the property owner with thousands of pounds worth of damage and major upheaval to put it right.

We will find the most suitable property guardian for your London property who will live in it for as long as you need – and we have live-in guardians ready to move in with just 48 hours notice.

New Properties

Whitechapel, E1


Office building, with 7 double rooms available for guardians to secure in a prime location in London’s Whitechapel

SW18, Dolphin House


This former restaurant property is in a lovely location directly opposite the Thames in Wandsworth. There will be shared kitchen and bathroom facilities in the building for guardians to utilise. Lots of communal spaces are on offer in this building.

E1, Liverpool Street

question mark property

Located in busy shopping area near Liverpool Street and just behind the famous Gherkin Tower, these living spaces are above a shop property available for several property guardians...